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Three Game-Changing Steps to Streamline Cash 

A Playbook for Casinos

Streamline Cash Processing 


The way a casino handles cash is a significant measure of success for a gaming property.  Undeniably, cash is the lifeblood of a casino and streamlining a casino’s cash handling process requires the right tools and partners.

From soft count to cage operations, every dollar matters and needs to be maximized to its potential. The three step evaluation process outlined in this document serves as a playbook for casinos to increase their efficiency, security, and reduce cash handling errors.

This white paper lp-dl-thumbnail-whitepaper_Casino

  • Discusses the growth trends of casinos in the U.S. and explains why efficient currency processing is essential
  • Describes how a casino should analyze its banknote processsing
  • Offers helpful suggestions on improving cash processing efficiency

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