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Three Essential Steps to Streamline Cash

>> A Playbook For Bankers and Retailers

Ignoring Cash is Costly

Consumers’ love of cash is ongoing: Cash is the most popular payment type and accounts for 1/3 of all U.S. transactions. The volume of U.S. banknotes in circulation has nearly doubled since 2000. With the popularity of cash, banks and businesses alike are looking for ways to keep their currency handling costs low. Ignoring cash is expensive. Streamlining cash processing and reducing idle cash can result in significant cost savings. All you need are three essential steps.

This white paper


  • outlines opportunities to improve cash handling efficiencies and shows how G+D Currency Technology can assist with cash analysis
  • identifies areas where streamlining cash may have a big impact and recommends best practices
  • explains why a compact currency discriminator such as ZEUS can make a difference.

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