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Intelligent Automation

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Why Intelligent Automation Enables Enterprises to Innovate and Evolve 

Automation is not a simple transfer of tasks from man to machine. Its real power lies in the ability to fundamentally change traditional ways of working and operating because robots and machines are bringing new skills to the organisation. Examples from logistics show how far intelligent automation has already progressed, including the genesis of new business and operating models. Intelligent Automation can also be applied to cash logistics: G+D provides solutions for a cash center with the highest possible degree of automation and minimum interactivity between man and machine.

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  • Describes the potential of automation and explains why intelligent automation is a key driver in making the cash cycle more efficient
  • Shows several new operating models Intelligent Automation is bringing to segments such as logistics, transportation, finance, and the cash cycle
  • Visits the House of Smarts, a German logistics center where processing time for orders has been substantially reduced by tight cooperation between man and machine

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