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Data Intelligence

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How Data Intelligence Can Deliver Strategic and Operational Value

Data might be the oil of the twenty-first century. But just as crude oil must be refined, raw data also has to be processed – otherwise it’s of little or no use at all. What gives organizations a real competitive advantage in the digital economy is the ability to translate data into business insights. There are several ways to monetize data, each represents exciting ways for a company to distinguish itself. Central and commercial banks, cash centers, casinos and printing plants need to advance from cash cycle to data cycle. G+D provides solutions that help to convert data into performance-driven results while turning insights into action to finally drive adoption.

This Report 190403_Vorschaubild_400x492px[2]

  • Describes the challenges ahead for organizations to become data-driven and explains why process and data should evolve together
  • Visits the CERN data center in Switzerland where up to one petabyte of data per second is generated and filtered in real time
  • Talks to Dr. Wolfram Seidemann, CEO of G+D Currency Technology, about G+D’s vision for the digitalization of currency and the cash cycle

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