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Bankote Management for Central Banks - an excerpt

dl-bookchapter-124 Central banks, banknotes and coins have existed for centuries. In the past few decades, however, profound changes have taken place in how central banks implement their role in currency management. This chapter from the book ''Banknote Management for Central Banks'' examines the strategic dilemma central banks face in choosing the best cash cycle model and central bank style for their country and introduces a new framework to map risk and cost management for various cash cycle models.

Three Game-Changing Steps to Streamline Cash

dl-whitepaper_Casino-124The way a casino handles cash is a significant measure of success for a gaming property. Undeniably, cash is the lifeblood of a casino and streamlining a casino’s cash handling process requires the right tools and partners. From soft count to cage operations, every dollar matters and needs to be maximized to its potential. The three step evaluation process outlined in this document serves as a playbook for casinos to increase their efficiency, security, and reduce cash handling errors.

Everything Digital Money Can Do - and What It Can't

dl-whitepaper_Digital-Money-124Digitalization affects all sectors – and monetary transactions are no exception. But can digital money such as bitcoin really be considered currency? And how digital have traditional currencies already become? G+D provides answers for the payments of today and tomorrow. This White Papper presents various features of digital money and looks beyond digital forms of currency to explore alternative routes to more efficient electronic payment schemes.


#1 - Focus: Digitalization

dl-trendreport-no1-124Faced with the aggressive FinTech challenge, financial institutions are looking in new directions. What effect will emerging technology have on their business model? For cash transactions, digitalization posesno threat. Partly because G+D employs the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, which make cash more efficient in circulation and production.

#2 - Focus: Efficiency

dl-trendreport-no2-124Efficiency is less a question of productivity. Instead, it is the adequate handling of various forms of disruption. Those companies who are truly lean are best prepared. They understand the importance of cash, logistics and productivity for growth in a highly competitive market. G+D Currency Technology provides solutions for tomorrow’s cash logistics processes.

#3 - Focus: Security

lp-dl-trendreport-no3-124Countries, businesses, and technologies alike, they all rely on people’s trust. This basic feeling, however, is in acute danger because the world is changing in many ways. Therefore, security, confidence and risk-trust-management become the most strategic elements of entrepreneurial activity – especially when it comes to money. G+D provides answers and solutions for the payments of today and tomorrow.

#4 – Focus: Intelligent Automation

lp-dl-trendreport-no4Automation is not a simple transfer of tasks from man to machine. Its real power lies in the ability to fundamentally change traditional ways of working and operating. Examples from logistics show how far intelligent automation has already progressed, including the genesis of new business and operating modelsIntelligent Automation can also be applied to cash logistics: G+D provides solutions for a cash center with the highest possible degree of automation and minimum interactivity between man and machine.

#5 – Focus: Data Intelligence

dt-center-tr5-124-186Data might be the oil of the twenty-first century. Just hoarding it, however, won’t turn into a unique selling proposition. Just as crude oil must be refined, raw data has to be processed. In the digital economy, only the ability to monetize data will give organisations a real competitive advantage. Of course, there are several ways to translate data into business insights, but at the bottom of it lies the enterprise’s data strategy. With its G+D Data Intelligence ® suite, G+D Currency Technology puts data into action. An approach, offering solutions that help to convert data into performance-driven results while turning insights into action and finally drive adoption.


Global Cash Logistic Market 2017 - 2021

dl-Study-Global_Cash_Logistics_124The management of cash is an expanding market driven by growth in cash circulation, a rising safe and vault demand for cash management, and outsourcing of cash management services by financial institutions. Get exclusive insights like type of services and business segmentations, market shares and revenue growth rates and impacts of drivers and challenges


Case Study Austria: GSA and LOOMIS

dl-case-study-gsa-loomis-117x164Cash processing without manual intervention is less than a stone’s throw away. As of today, banknotes no longer need to be packed and unpacked, prepared for processing, and manually inserted into processing systems. The case of GSA Geldservice Austria and LOOMIS Austria shows how such time-consuming manual process steps can be eliminated with the help of automated systems such as NotaTracc® by G+D Currency Technology.

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