Case Study Rolling Hills

Case Study
Rolling Hills

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With BPS C4, Rolling Hills Casino & Resort Can Do More With Less

In 2006, TITO ticket handling had become a major challenge for Sacramento-based Rolling Hills Casino & Resort, requiring more and more hand-sorting. Several cash processing machines were also due for upgrade. The casino management decided to have two BPS C4s installed, one in the cage and one in the count room. Despite rising cash volumes, Rolling Hills Casino & Resort has been able to reduce the number of employees required for cash processing from 14 to 9. System reliability has been so good, that backup systems haven’t been used since.

This Case Studylp-dl-thumbnail-Gated_DL_Case_Study_Rolling_Hills

  • reveals what cage managers like Mary Fox think about what makes a reliable banknote processing system
  • shows how BPS C4 optimized TITO ticket handling at Rolling Hills Casino & Resort and gives an outlook on installation plans for ZEUS, a new, compact G+D tabletop discriminator (only available in the U.S.) for poor quality TITO tickets
  • explains the new Shared Service model, where Rolling Hills Casino and G+D Currency Technology share responsibility for repair and service

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>> G+D banknote processing systems are exceptionally high quality. << 

Mary Fox, Cage Manager

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