Case Study Northern Quest Resort & Casino

Case Study Northern Quest Resort & Casino 

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How BPS M5 Fosters Exceptional Growth at Northern Quest Casino

Since 2000, Northern Quest Resort & Casino, located in Eastern Washington, has been on an exceptional path of growth. Soon, cash processing became a challenge with frequent machine downtimes and staff working long 10-16 hour shifts. Northern Quest Casino decided to replace its original cash processing machines with a high speed BPS M5. The system was fully installed and running within three days. Since then, count room volumes increased significantly, the drop could be raised from 1/3 to ½ of the floor, and working shifts were reduced to more manageable 8 hours shifts.

This Case Study lp-dl-casestudy-thumbnail-Northern-Quest

  • shows the key differences in the way the BPS M5 operates compared to other systems
  • explains the new Shared Service model agreed upon by Northern Quest Casino and G+D Currency Technology
  • reveals why the count room team did a YouTube video introducing the M5 as their newest team member.

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>> The partnership with G+D has been exceptional.<<

Lisa Bonga, Director of Cage and Count Operations

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