Explore New Horizons – with G+D Data Intelligence®

Data Intelligence that drives the efficiency and security of your cash cycles

Put data into action. Get clarity and digital mapping of your banknotes’ lifecycle, print works, and cash center operations. Combine analog processes with digital solutions – directly and in real time, taking into account aspects of future and past activities.

This is what the G+D Data Intelligence® suite can offer, making your cash cycles more advanced, more secure, and more efficient. This approach leads to Advanced Currency Management, based on accurate analyses and simulations that ultimately drive smarter decision-making, cost reductions, and a boost in efficiency.

From “use your data” to “‘think cash cycle”:


- 3 steps to Data Intelligence -

New horizons with Advanced Currency Management

There are rising demands for security, digital solutions and efficiency in the currency cycle. G+D Currency Technology is setting the pace by combining intelligent solutions from both the analogue and digital realms. Our products, software and services integrate perfectly to present a comprehensive solution. With G+D Data Intelligence® we drive the digitalization of the currency cycle and help you turn your data into performance-driven results. This is Advanced Currency Management.

Turn a World of Complexity into Clear Data

At G+D Currency Technology we understand that Data Intelligence goes far beyond traditional business intelligence. We can help you to ascertain a very deep understanding of your data in relation to corresponding internal and external facts. You can judge the performance of your banknotes and features in detail, and save on production and circulation costs. Advance your cash cycle with our unique data analytics and intelligence features, for example:


Analyze and Compare Banknote Resilience

Optimize banknote quality via live-monitoring of shredding rates. Analyze data relating to substrate, banknote features, and circulation conditions such as environment, population and other factors. Display sorting and measuring results on your cash center dashboards and compare them by denomination or region.


Avoid Extra Costs from Incorrect Sorting

Stay in control of banknote processing with alerts in the event of unreasonably high or low shredding or reject rates. Get early notification of variations and detected changes in banknote fitness, or modified machine settings, enabling you to uphold high quality and customer satisfaction – and to reduce unnecessary costs.


Translate data to insights

Analyze and track every banknote through its entire lifecycle with the G+D Data Intelligence® Suite.


We Can Analyze Several Hundred Attributes for Every Banknote 

In G+D Data Intelligence® we combine decades of knowledge in cash cycle processes and technology with a holistic state-of-the-art platform. The digital platform is based on Lean Analytics software paradigms, which means faster launching and better insights than traditional BI tools offer – and at less cost.

We develop high-performance algorithms and use Artificial Intelligence whenever possible. For example, machine and banknote data, measured on a daily basis by various processing systems (BPS M7, BPS M5, BPS X9), are combined with external data (e.g. population data, environment scenarios, etc.); several hundred attributes can be collected and analyzed for every banknote.



Collect banknote data as well as cash center processing data in real time.



Correlate cash center data with environmental and process parameters and analyze both.



Simulate future scenarios and make better decisions based on detailed, reliable information.


"Think" Cash Cycle

What do you gain when you integrate data intelligence tools between central banks, print works, and cash centers? Advanced Currency Management that ensures the real-time transparency of production status and banknote quality.


“Nowadays, banknote sorting machines are increasingly able to read serial numbers and store data. A modern high-speed sorting machine, for example, generates two CDs’ worth of data in an 8-hour shift. Our G+D Data Intelligence® suite enables central banks to analyze and track every banknote through its entire lifecycle, enabling them understand the strengths and weaknesses of their currency and the cash handling process. From there, the steps that they need to take towards Advanced Currency Management become perfectly clear.”

Dr. Marcus Schmeisser
Product Manager G+D Data Intelligence®,  G+D Currency Technology