Build Trust for Your New Banknote Series

The G+D Currency App

People will only put their faith in a new banknote series when they know that the notes are secure. Reading or hearing about new security features does not necessarily build trust, but experiencing the features first-hand does! With our Currency App, central banks can demonstrate and explain the security features of  their new banknote series in a direct, interactive, and captivating manner. Anyone can download the app and instantly learn the security features of a country's banknotes. This state-of-the-art capability will be usefull for consumers, merchants, retail banks and many others. 

Visit your App Store and test the available apps.

Central Bank of Armenia - "Armenian Dram 3.0" App:

Armenian Dram 3.0
Armenian Dram 3.0 - App Store
Armenian Dram 3.0 - Google Play

Reserve Bank of Malawi - "Malawi Kwacha" App:

Malawi Kwacha
Malawi Kwacha - App Store
Malawi Kwacha - Google Play

Bank of Thailand - "Thai Banknotes" App:

Thai Banknotes
Thai Banknotes - App Store
Thai Banknotes - Google Play

Central Bank of Eswatini - "Lilangeni" App:

Lilangeni - App Store
Lilangeni - Google Play

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Currency App Means Experiencing Banknotes in a New and Fascinating Way:



With your smartphone, you can look in detail at the new features by touching areas of interest.



You can feel the tactile structures just by lightly rubbing the corresponding areas of the banknote with your finger.



You can tilt your phone and discover the effects of features such as the color-shifting security threads, watermarks, and see-through elements.

Our Currency App Supports Your New Banknote Series Campaign


  • It is available at short notice as a white label to central banks
  • It can be customized to their needs and campaign strategy
  • It is easily accessible for a broad public. It can be downloaded for free via Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store
  • It’ is a modern and efficient way of communicating with the public in the age of Banking 4.0
  • It follows a multi-channel approach, integrating YouTube videos, social media accounts, web pages, and practical functions, such as the automatic recognition of denominations via smartphone camera
  • As an option, it can support Augmented Reality concepts and data integration
Currency App